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Use this COD4 CFG Checker Tool / COD4 CFG Scanner to scan your config / cfg for disallowed binds such as elevator binds, deagle script, strafe scripts, nade scripts and so on. The tool will also search for various hack-related commands and prompt you to remove them.

If your config was found to have disallowed binds, after removing them with the COD4 CFG Checker Tool, make sure you select-all (CTRL+A) then copy (CTRL+C) the new config above with the illegal binds removed and replace your old config with this new, clean one.

By submitting your Config to this tool, you accept the following terms:

 There is no guarantee that all illegal / disallowed binds will be found and removed, different gaming leagues/sites have different rules.
There is also no guarantee that all cheat-related binds/commands will be found and/or removed.
This tool has been extensively tested, and we are confident that it works as intended but cannot guarantee its faultless.
We will not be held responsible if you are punished/warned for having disallowed binds and/or cheats-related commands in your config.

I hope you have fun gaming, and good luck! Please recommend this tool to friends and foe, it will hopefully help create more fair gameplay and also aid innocent people avoiding a potential ban or similar for downloading various configs from the internet that contain disallowed binds/commands.

Chris (vexed)


Thanks man!
This is really useful and helpful.
Appreciate it :) x

Nicely done Chris!
They should use it on ESL :D

I’m impressed y0 :D

More commands added to the scan list today!
Remember to share this link with your friends, as they may innocently have disallowed binds within their configs. You could save a potential ban in leagues such as Cyber-Gamer! :)


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